School's Out For Summer, School's Out Forever

So I have a new website, I'm off for the summer, and I'm writing a book instead of returning to my usual routine of between-semester day job drudgery. (I've blogged a bit about that already.) Don't envy me too much, though. My bank account is far, far poorer for it, and I'm considerably more prone to the occasional, perhaps even frequent existential crisis as a result. But it's a necessary evil. A weird, but necessary, evil.

I'm now beginning the slow and somewhat stumbling early production phase for The Crashers, hopefully to get that out by year's end. Probably sooner, but you know me - aim low, never be disappointed! Just stay tuned for more news on that front. In the meantime, I'm working on the second book in the series, Koreatown. I plan to have it tidied up by year's end as well, and off for production sometime next year. On the staff writing front, I'll be working for the new comics news outlet ComiConverse beginning in July, and have already begun writing some reviews and articles to populate the site. I'm actually pretty proud of some of this stuff, I hope you guys enjoy them when they go live.

I still have the podcast, too. That said, I'm unfortunately a bit behind on producing episodes due to visiting girlfriends (which are great) and persistent upper respiratory issues (which are decidedly not great) that have thrown off my scheduling. I'm also currently working on getting some stuff together for a Patreon account so I can stockpile stories in exchange for donations. If all goes according to plan, funders will receive new monthly short stories, flash fiction, vignettes, chapters from WIPs, and other goodies.

These stories will likely be a lot of horror-themed stuff, mostly, since that's where my head tends to go when I'm not building elaborate sandboxes for superheroes to play in. It might be a good excuse to dust off my Fleshtrap spiritual successor White Bull and cannibalize it for its best stuff, maybe make a novella out of it. Just a bunch of crazy stuff with cicadas and serial killers opening up portals to hell. Who knows. I obviously don't.

Yeah, so. I'm kind of rolling like a professional author right now? I don't know. It's weird. I'm certainly not in any position to say I'm financially stable, since I'm a broke-ass college student kind of just coasting right now until I go back to class in August. Half the time I feel like I can't do this because I'm not "contributing enough" without a job. (Oh man, let's get that millennial guilt-trip going! How much student loan debt have I accrued?! How many life events have I postponed due to poverty?! LET'S DO THIS DANCE!) On the one hand, I need to do this to get some things in place and continue carving out a name for myself as an author. On the other hand, I'm waiting for the bottom to drop out. Like there's this creeping thing waiting in the wings, just out of frame, getting ready to remind me that this isn't my place. That this isn't for me, and I don't get to have this for myself.

I realize that's anxiety and depression talking. People like to throw around terms like imposter syndrome for stuff like this, but who knows. I just know I'm trying to stay focused, and to use this time I do have to get some stuff working. To get one book published, another finished, and some short stories on their way out the door. Whatever. It's only June.