5 Things About The Crashers: Bridger Levi

1) Bridger is the most spiritual character in the main cast. Every other character is agnostic, atheist, or no longer practices the religion they grew up with for one reason or another. Bridger's relationship with faith has long been contentious, raised in a working class Jewish community and following his distant father's conservative views despite conflicting with his identity as a bisexual man. Marrying a Protestant woman further complicated this, neither at home in Caitlin's world or disconnected from his. Over time, he abandoned his faith, unable to reconcile his relationship with it.

It wasn't until his cancer diagnosis, his divorce, and gaining precognition that Bridger finally found his way back to spirituality. He doesn't believe in the existence of a concrete capital G god so much that there are fibers that bind all things together, under the surface of everything we see and know. There may not be a divine plan, but there are some things that happen for certain reasons, and some people we're supposed to meet along the way. His ability to see the future, as imperfect and fragmented though his visions may be, is proof enough that some things are simply meant to be.

2) Bridger didn't get arrested until the age of forty-five. Since then, for an entire host of reasons, he's decided to make a habit of it. It just makes sense for the wealthy white guy of the household to get left behind to deal with the cops in case there are unforeseen circumstances while on patrol. He always has bail money, and he'll never say no to an opportunity to irritate the East Brighton City police.

3)  Just like getting arrested, Bridger got his first tattoo at the age of forty-five, as well. אָדָם is the Hebrew form of Adam, which he had placed over his heart to remind him of what truly matters. His relationship with Adam represents his tether to the physical world whenever he's lost, tripping through futures with no context or guide, and is his line back home. This is the first of many personal talismans that Bridger has tattooed on himself over the course of the series, each meant to protect his mind from larger unknown threats as he travels into the future.

4) Bridger and Caitlin never had children. She once got pregnant five years into their marriage but terminated the pregnancy, choosing only to tell him after the fact. While at first he was hurt by her decision not to tell him about her pregnancy until it was already over, he knew when they met during college that she never wanted children. This was her choice, and in the end, he was grateful that she had made it. The idea of becoming his father - cold, cruel, and impossible to please - haunted Bridger for most of his life; never having to find out was a relief.

5) Weekends with Bridger: getting high, putting on Iggy Pop, and making everybody dance with him. His roommates have come to accept it.


6) Babysitting Hannah on a regular basis has made Bridger an honorary Brony, but not by choice. His now encyclopedic knowledge of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comes from Hannah's repeated marathons, from which there is no escape.