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Magen Cubed is a novelist and comic book reviewer currently residing in Texas. Watch this space for news, articles, blog posts, and more.

My name is Magen Cubed. That's Magen as in Megan but spelled wrong and Cubed as in any number multiplied by itself three times. You probably know me from somewhere, such as criticizing that thing you like. Expect comic book superhero deconstructionism on the reg. 

Fun fact: I have a Chihuahua named Cecil. He has a bowtie. He's very proud of it.

Another fun fact: My girlfriend writes stuff, too. Her name is Melissa Dominic. We're kind of like a power couple. It's whatever.

Less fun fact: I'm a student, novelist, and former comic book reviewer from Fort Worth, Texas. I have been publishing short fiction since 2009 and reviewing comics since 2012. You can find my reviews and criticism at websites such as eCharta, Nerds Unchained, Comic Booked, and ComiConverse. My debut horror novel Fleshtrap came out in December 2013 from Post Mortem Press. My superhero fiction novel The Crashers is out now, but due to the closing of my publisher Booktrope, is looking for a new home.

While known primarily for bizarro, horror, and weird tale writing, in recent years I have returned to superhero fiction and my lifelong love of comics to advance new discussions about the cultural power of the genre and medium. Deconstructionist, post-colonial, and intersectional feminist literary criticism is my jam, and I try to use fiction to advance the representation of minorities in the larger pop culture space.

Hey. Thanks for coming by. Watch this space for news, articles, blog posts, and more.

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