"There's a hole inside you..."

Casey Way has been haunted by visions of his dead father for the last twenty years, tormented by hazy recollections of his father's murder at the hands of his stepmother. The trauma has left Casey burdened with guilt, which has manifested in debilitating insomnia and violent hallucinations.As the anniversary of his father's murder approaches, his step-sister Mariska takes him back to the scene of the crime: their childhood home, to confront their past.

Instead, something follows Casey back out into the world. Something ugly, violent, and familiar. It begins a vicious spiral of insanity as people around him begin disappearing and dying, hiding behind the faces of Casey's loved ones. Somehow tied to his father's murder, Casey begins digging into his fragmented memories for an answer. What he finds instead brings Casey face-to-face with his greatest fears as he struggles to end the nightmares that have haunted all of their lives.


The Crashers Cover Updated.jpg

"It all started with a crash..."

At 9:17 AM, a subway train crashed in East Brighton City. That was when everything changed.

Five survivors emerge from the accident: former detective Kyle Jeong; single mother Norah Aroyan; Afghanistan veteran Adam Harlow; the genius Clara Reyes; and the dying Bridger Levi. These five strangers walk away from the crash unscathed, only to realize the event has left each of them with strange new powers. As their city falls into chaos around them, they find themselves drawn into a story far more dangerous than they ever knew, and it will change their lives forever.

Death, undeath, superpowers, and apocalyptic visions. Welcome to East Brighton City. Hope you survive.


"There is only darkness and madness..."

Werewolves, living corpses, people with black holes where their hearts used to be. These are the kinds of creatures you'll encounter in I FELT THEIR TEETH IN MY BONES, an anthology of strange and creepy stories. This collection contains nineteen short stories by author Magen Cubed (FLESHTRAP, THE CRASHERS), written between 2011-2015. Nineteen stories about love, loss, insanity, and the kinds of eerie things that only come out at night.

From supernatural romances like "At the Heart of Mina Jones," to monster stories such as "The Girl on Mooreland Street," to the demonic hijinks of "The Deal,” whatever your particular flavor of weirdness, this anthology has something for everyone.

A Monstrous Love Ebook Cover.jpg

"Just in time for Halloween..."

Sink your teeth into A MONSTROUS LOVE: Two Horror Romances from Magen Cubed (FLESHTRAP, THE CRASHERS). This mini-collection features two short stories about monstrous women in love, just in time for Halloween. THE HAUNTING OF DIVINIA is an unconventional ghost story, and TASTE tells the story of a young couple with an unusual hobby. If you enjoy your romance on the eerie side, A MONSTROUS LOVE is the perfect short read.


"What the world needs is some Twisted Romance..."

Four stories of love and lust from comics' coolest artists and writer ALEX DE CAMPI! First, a demon who prowls the 1978 New York disco scene in Old Flames, drawn by KATIE SKELLY. Then, a curvy photographer's assistant who falls in love with someone way out of her league in Twinkle & The Star, with ALEJANDRA GUTIÉRREZ. A spacefleet captain who captures a most infuriating pirate in Invincible Heart, with CARLA SPEED MCNEIL. And a princess who runs away with a dragon in Treasured, with TRUNGLES.

Plus steamy prose romance stories from awesome folks like Magen Cubed and Vita Ayala, and more comics shorts about love from Meredith McClaren, Sarah Horrocks, Margaret Trauth and Sarah Winifred Searle.

Collects Twisted Romance #1-4.

Love Bites Cover.jpg

"Dorian Villeneuve wasn’t known for good ideas..."

"Dorian Villeneuve wasn’t known for good ideas. Agreeing to hunt monsters with a hot guy he just met probably wasn’t going down as one of his better moments. But, sometimes, things still worked out for the best."

The story of how a down-and-out vampire from Devil's Row meets the man of his dreams, who just happens to be a monster hunter. (It's complicated.) LOVE BITES is the prequel to LEATHER AND LACE, the next in the SOUTHERN GOTHIC series of monster romance fiction, appearing in TWISTED ROMANCE #1 from Image Comics.

This queer monster romance short story is approximately 6,000 words. Please note: contains elements of violence and horror.